Bannockburn Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Bannockburn Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Sitting between the aromatic Riesling and classic Chardonnays on our list is our Sauvignon Blanc; we aim to make a lively wine with texture and complexity.

Minimum Order 6 Units (straight or mixed)

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Primarily from a 1996 planting on the eastern edge of the Winery Block, but for the first time including a tonne from a new planting at Olive Tree Hill (all clone F4V6). Picked 2-22 March.

  • 1/3 was de-stemmed and lightly crushed before fermentation on skins for one week, finishing in older puncheons, 1/3 was whole bunch pressed to puncheons and the remainder whole bunch pressed to tank (net new puncheons 10%).
  • The wine was fermented to dryness before blending and bottling in August 2017.
  • 11.5% acl/vol.

A return to "normal" timing for harvest captured the natural acidity and varietal tension from this only moderately warm year. Some hint of the puncheons, varietal marker green peas and spice on the nose. Full and yet dry, breadth from the skins, texture from the lees contact and refreshing citrus acids on the palate.



"A 100% varietal with compelling aroma: cold tea, white flowers and acacia blossom, complex and earthy. The palate is glorious - at once taut with fine acidity yet flavoursome with creamed honey, pine needles and bursting with life." 95 points.

- Jane Faulkner August 2017



“You can throw this into a large-bowled glass and treat it like chardonnay, such is its texture and weight, though of course its flavour profile is all sauvignon blanc. Or a sophisticated version of the variety in any case. Clear lines of smoke and lemongrass, gravel and citrus with almond and floral notes for good measure. Acid darts through the palate but there's some chub to the texture, courtesy of its time on skins. Short-medium term time should be kind." 93 points.

- Campbell Mattinson, Aug.2018

2020 Vintage

We had a fourth consecutive year of good winter rainfall: the soils warmed up slowly which led to normal timing for budburst. A cool, windy spell during springtime flowering resulted in uneven fruit set and lighter than average bunch weights. Over early summer, along with every other east coast wine region we watched the bush fire situation with increasing trepidation. Our luck in avoiding both physical and smoke damage from the fires doesn't begin to offset our feelings for those who didn't...

The summer remained consistently mild and never really heated up at any stage. Growing Degree Days totalled less than 1300 for the first time in many years ( is normally 1400 GDD)

We managed to maintain access to our picking crew through the bewildering early days of the Covid-19 pandemic and within 2 weeks all the grapes had been picked, just avoiding a heavy dump of rainfall in early April.

The 2020 wines, though very small in quantity are of pleasing high quality.

Our thoughts are with all our friends in hospitality who have had their lives upended this year. Let's hope 2021 is a year we all remember more fondly!

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