Bannockburn Riesling 2017

Bannockburn Riesling 2017

We only produce a small amount of Riesling, but it’s a great opportunity to have some fun with one of the “noble” grape varieties.

Minimum Order 6 Units (straight or mixed)

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For the first time incorporating grapes from a new block of Riesling vines but predominantly made from fruit off the original site planted in 1976. Picked March 30 and April 6.

  • Unusually for an arid region such as Moorabool Valley, we had some botrytis in the younger vineyard.
  • The botrytis affected juice was fermented in an old barrique, and as with last couple of vintages, we have made this wine with zero additions apart from minimal sulphur.
  • Racked, then bottled in August, 2017.
  • 13.0% alc/vol.
Slight suggestion of apricot via the botrytis, but mainly riper citrus and stone fruit aromatics. The textured palate is balanced by moderate acid (some dissolved gas persists from fermentation due to minimal handling). Our small production of Riesling often demonstrates an ability to age.....this should follow suit.
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2018 Vintage

The timing of budburst was consistent with long term average but with picking commencing on 20th February and completion by 22nd March it turned out to be a short compressed vintage. Rather than being hastened by hot weather the season seemed to be shortened due to there being fewer days of excessive heat.(photosynthesis slows and even halts altogether as temperatures rise and water loss increases.)

Overall, it was a solid year for the Moorabool Valley region, we missed the rainfall that was to our east and the heat that was to the north. Bannockburn experienced good rainfall early in the season then it was consistently dry throughout the harvest period. Fruitset and cropping levels of all varieties were well within the ideal range.

Most seasons we would say that either Pinot Noir or Shiraz is favoured but 2018 looks to be a year when both have fared well!

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